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Connections, Disconnections, Translations and Adaptation 2019

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Performance with Jesse White

The audience walks in a room where two chairs sit across from each other, with spot lights shining on the chair. Jesse and Brittany walk into the room and sit adjacent from another, Jesse starts speaking and Brittany follows next. They both speak about their communities and how they feel for each other. Brittany speaks in Tagalog and transitions to English. They are both exploring the disconnect between communities and language, trying to find a connection through this conversation. They speak about their own personal neighbourhoods to create a community between them. 

Comparing and contrasting our stories within our neighbourhood’s through our chosen format of delivery shows the audience and inkling of what the connections between a Filipino Canadian women and Caucasian Canadian men can be. Both artists uses the importance of mediums with body and language to create a sharing of community. They are both exploring ways to create the community they are trying to explore of creating a space they both can share. With their narrative poetry, they share experiences that one another tries to relate to and talk back with.