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The Following Companies Apologize 2019

- Click Image to see video -

The Following Companies Apologize is an installation based work that presents the ideas of advertisements in media. When the audience walks into the room, the viewer can see a small TV on an angle in the side of the room. As the viewer approaches the installation there is a plinth that sits adjacent to the TV, acting as a bench. Once the viewer sits on the plinth the viewer becomes engaged with the piece. On the TV is a video playing that starts with “The Following Companies Apologize” as text across the screen. This is followed by a series of racist advertisements which pop on and off the screen, while a robotic man apologizes about the ads accompanied by catchy music playing in the background. The video is about one minute then loops back to the beginning where it starts “The Following Companies Apologize” again.

In the video the ads will pop up and slowly fade out to white. This reflects the whitewashing done by these companies, and how the advertisements will say white is always better. Eventually, the music stops and the viewer just sees “The Following Companies Apologize” and the robotic man continues to say that it was not their intention and that they ‘deeply apologize’ which then loops back to the beginning. The apologizes which are voiced by a digital male are multiple real apologies which were said by multiple companies after racial insensitive advertisements. The apologizes are very robotic and scripted in order to represent the company’s voice as fake and disconnected. The looping in the film reflects the idea of a constant cycle, companies apologize time after time but do not actually learn from their mistakes. The companies hope that the apology is enough but deep-down people are upset, outraged and annoyed.