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Walks of Racism 2019

Walks of Racism is a 4.40-minute-long audio piece that maps out where racism occurs in the city of Calgary, AB. In this work, the installation was built of four headphones nailed to the wall. When listening to the headphones, the audience can hear a robotic woman mapping out moments of racism within the city.

The voice reflects the structure and tone of a GPS system. This piece is my own experience of where I encountered racism, whether that was someone saying a terrible thing to me, hearing other people show internalized racism or feeling alienated because of my color. Walks of Racism was an idea to give a voice to what I encounter almost every day, despite the fact that people will believe that racism is not common. Every day I hear someone tell me I do not belong because of my color or hear someone of colour say they are disgusted on being described as someone of colour. Being of colour is a constant war of finding a place to belong and fighting with everyone who questions your position. The voice naturalizes and also alienates these experiences of racism that are often over-looked. It also conveys my relationship moving in these spaces as different than as someone who is white.