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Whats4Lunch 2018

Materials: Family dinner attire, fake white flowers, paint, Eskinol Whitening, bleach and make up

Whats4Lunch is an installation based piece relating a lot on growing up with racism and colonial racism. Certain objects presented speak racism and the topics that are usually sugar coated. I installed a family dinner having the food as obkects that physically change you such like bleach or paint. Playing off on the beauty standards within a community. How beauty standards are so strong to the point that is wrong. 

Whats4Lunch was an installation that covered growing up in racism. I wanted to make a piece that showed racism can be everywhere we turn, we usually don't believe in certain objects to be so clinical and downgrading for people's race. I wanted to discuss about racism growing up and bring up objects that create raciem even today. I wanted to work more with objects that physically change you but nobody actually knew about. Such as Eskinol whitening, this is object that is advertised around the world of colour but people who are not in these places do not realize this material even exists. To this day, we still have terrible stigma of racism that gets presented around the world through advertisement by people and objects. I wanted to bring up this topic and discuss this issue. For the family dinner aspect, it was the idea of evenin growing uo your home can be unsafe from racism. We are constantly promoting items to make us "better" when really it's destroying ourselves. We have these objects because it was forced upon us and to this day, it is still being spread to present to the public.